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Wind direction 180 degrees out (Vantage Vue)



Sadly my father passed away recently, I was at his house clearing out many of his 'gadgets' and I noticed his wind direction on his Vantage Vue is 180 degrees out. The solar panel is facing South on the station and I don't believe he will have played around with the settings on the Davis software (but could be wrong). 12 months ago he had to send the weatherstation off to be repaired (it wasn't a wind related issue), is there a possibility that something has been put back together incorrectly ?

If it is software related how would I check and how should I correct it, he is running Davis Weatherlink software.

Many thanks.

Please consult Calibrating Wind Direction Reading in the Vue console manual on page 27.

I recommend taking the console outdoors and a "dead calm" day and adjust the setting until it matches the actual vane direction. If an unexpected bit of wind occurs, you will be able to see it happen.

Otherwise, this can be a frustrating process.

Optionally, you could use the "Direction Calibration" function in the WeatherLink software application if you have connectivity via the "logger". You could play with the "Adjusted Reading" until the "Calculated Offset" becomes zero. This method is more difficult without being able to see the wind vane as above in the event of an unexpected wind direction change.

Greg H.

ashland weather:
The wind vane could be installed incorrectly.


--- Quote from: ashland weather on May 18, 2021, 08:29:21 AM ---The wind vane could be installed incorrectly.

--- End quote ---

Difficult to do on a Vue (unless you're really determined!).

Think first of all I'd ensure that no calibration offset has been made to the direction and that the lat/long settings are roughly correct.


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