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How to replace a web cam


My Foscam FI9828P is working well but it's spewing RF on the ham bands I monitor. I would like to replace it. I ordered a Reolink bullet. It was a great surveillance camera but you could not get the picture small enough for Weather underground. I tried FTPing for a test and lost my working camera for 2 weeks. I don't think you can connect two web cams to the same PWS. I ordered a a Amcrest bullet camera. If I can get it FTPing 150k or less snap shots how would I swap out the cameras. Thanks

You can add another device on WU. Adding any new cam on WU these days is hit and miss.

If it is working on one cam, just shut it down and input username and key into new cam and start it up.

Camera Name is required, is that the name you give the camera when you set it up? Thanks

It generates a name when you add. I have played around a few times so now mine is MorewoodCAM7

Thank for the information. It looks like the Amcrest bullet camera Model IP5M-B1186EW-28MM would make a good Weather underground camera. You can set snapshot photo from 1 to 7 to get a jpeg less than 150k. You can customize the scheduled FTP upload and not send night pictures. I've had so much trouble in the pasrt, I'm not brave enough to switch out a working camera at this time.


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