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Weatherlink Is Preventing My Screen To Enter Sleep Mode

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My computer is on 24/7 because I use a security camera and also I want to continuously upload my Davis VantageVue station data.  I recently discovered that the reason my display cannot turn off after 10 minutes of non-use (my preferred setting) is because the Weatherlink app is running and this is true whether the app is minimized or not.  My testing has shown that it is not the camera causing the problem.  I have searched the Weatherlink help section and cannot find a remedy for this problem.  Did I miss it?  It is a pain to have to turn off the monitor every night and have to resize all the windows every morning and also letting the display be active all day.  Is this a known problem?  Is there a Weatherlink setting to allow the display to sleep?  I know of no means other than Weatherlink to upload my VantageVue data.  Is there an alternative upload method?

Typically it is the computer that sleeps (as such) and depending on the power settings some systems can turn off the display, this really has nothing to do with WeatherLink as if you are uploading to WL every 10 minutes then there is no reason to be putting the computer to sleep, display settings are something different, are you able to set these independently of sleep mode in the power settings? 

Perhaps I am using the wrong terminology with the word sleep in regard to the display.  I have the computer set to never sleep because the Blue Iris software I use for my camera will not record motion if the computer is not active.  But I have the display set to go dark (sleep?) after 10 minutes of no activity.  But the display will not go dark at all when the Weatherlink app is running, either maximized or minimized.  I have been blaming this on the camera (Blue Iris) until today when I rebooted the computer and started up Blue Iris and was then interrupted by a visitor.  I had not yet started Weatherlink.  About 45 minutes later when I returned to the computer I found the display dark.  A mouse movement quickly awoke the display.  Since I often stop all apps at night except Blue Iris and Weatherlink I started Weatherlink and the display would not go off after 15 to 20 minutes.  I then stopped Weatherlink and the display correctly went off after exactly 10 minutes.  Weatherlink back on prevented the display going off again so I am sure of the causing app.   I suspect that the Weatherlink software is checking only the computer power saving setting and not the display power saving setting.  I am running the latest update to Windows 10 Pro and the problem has been present with two different monitors.

What do you have WL configured to display? If it's showing the Bulletin screen then this display will update every 2.5 secs and so it's maybe not too surprising that the display won't sleep - its input is being updated every few seconds.

What happens if you close all the applets within the main WL screen, ie don't have any of Bulletin, Strip Charts, Plot, Browse, summary etc open which should leave just a flat grey window below the toolbar? WL should still be working away behind the scenes but not actively updating any display. (Not sure whether this will make any difference - depends exactly what the trigger is that's preventing display sleep, but this is a quick and simple fix to try.)

Thanks Johnd, you almost nailed it and helped me to finally get to the cause of the problem.  I didn't think that the 2.5 second update to bulletin was doing it because the Blue Iris camera is on with live video all the time and the screen display off mode works fine with it.  So I started checking all my screen apps one by one and to do so I reduced the screen dark time to 1 minute so it wouldn't take forever.  All the other apps checked out OK.  So I tried Weatherlink too, just to see what would happen, and it checked out OK too!  Back to square one?  I checked it several times and the screen did what it is supposed to, even with the Bulletin screen on.  So I set the screen interval back to 5 minutes instead of my preferred 10 minutes in Windows 10 and the problem returned.  It finally dawned on me that the "download data" setting in Weatherlink is 5 minutes and that is the culprit - the data being sent to the internet is somehow resetting the Windows 10 interval.  I hate to set the data "download" ( I would call it upload) interval to 15 minutes because I use the internet data as an overlay on my Blue Iris software image which is available on the internet.  And setting the screen dark mode to 1 minute is way too short for me.  I doubt whether Davis is intereste3d in reworking the software to solve my apparently singular problem but I'll let them know anyway.  Thanks!


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