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MK-III Locks up when temps hover around 0F


I'm curious to know if anyone else has ever experienced this...

The RainWise MK-III stops transmitting/locks up ONLY when temperatures fall below 0F, then rise above 0F. By physically power cycling the MK-III (toggle switch), the unit recovers and continues to work. It seems to be related to temperatures hovering around the 0F mark. (I've had temperatures fall to -36F here and the unit continues to work. It's only when temperatures hover around 0F that this problems seems to occur.)

This has been an ongoing problem with this weather station for years. At first I thought it could be related to low voltage/battery power, but I've replaced the solar panel with a 9V DC power supply that continuously feeds power to the MK-III. It still happens. The only way to fix the problem is by power cycling the outdoor unit (MK-III).

Any ideas?


Is this the LR model?

My guess is either a low battery (which you've already checked) or perhaps the 9V DC power supply connection.  I hope you get it figured out.

Thanks for the reply. Since I did post this, I went through 2 years worth of records and found that it always occurs when temperatures are at or slightly below 0F. At 20F below, the problem never occurs. This would seem to rule out any power related issues considering that lower temperatures would make batteries less efficient and more likely to fail. Also, once the unit is power-cycled it continues to run w/o error.

It would seem more likely that this problem is related to firmware or a particular processing bug in one of the motherboard's processors.

It's a very strange problem but it seems to rule out any power related issue.


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