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Weather Underground keeps showing Web Cam Offline

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I installed a Reolink RLC-511 camera and am trying to get it to work with my Weatherundergound account.  I added the device on my WU account and received the device ID and upload key (password).  I configured the FTP settings in my camera and when I test it, it says FTP test successful.  When I check my WU devices it shows my PWS online, but the camera is offline and no images appear.  If I log onto the FTP server I can see my tests are uploading, but there are no images on WU.  I have tried finding a solution online, but with no success.  Can someone offer me any help?  I am attaching a jpg of my FTP camera settings. 

Check your image file size. Max is 150kb.

I'm assuming you're referring to the maximum file length in my FTP settings?  it won't accept any value below 10.  Not sure how to make it any smaller?

Are you able to actually see the .jpg file you're sending up to WU?  Check it's file size. This most likely is the hurdle you need to jump. Reolink (according to their PR fluff) boasts high res and my guess is it results in a file too large for their process.

I'm afraid you may be correct.  I don't know how I would check to see the file it's trying to send?  I specifically bought this camera to use with my PWS, but I may be screwed unless I can figure out some work around.   Thanks.


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