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Weatherlink shuts down.

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I have a new Vantage Vue at my other house about 15 miles away from my residence.  It reports to WL via a data logger (a new one).

3 times now, the station has stopped reporting because WL either closed or crashed.  The capable desktop computer there has been set to never go into sleep mode.
It's running Windows 10.

What setting, or whatever, can be causing this to happen?  I have the same setup here at my residence for my Davis Pro II.  I have the WL software here and Windows 10.  I am protected here against computer shutdowns because I also have a Meteobridge box that intercepts the wireless reporting station and puts the data on the Internet.

However, even though this computer at residence goes into sleep mode, the WL software has not just stopped running.

the beteljuice:

--- Quote ---It's running Windows 10.
--- End quote ---
The dreaded update crawl and re-boot, even if you think you've found a way say NO ?


--- Quote from: arrowspace90 on October 11, 2019, 01:31:28 PM ---3 times now, the station has stopped reporting because WL either closed or crashed. 

--- End quote ---

We run a batch file that checks and relaunches WL if it hangs/closes itself every X minutes. So sometimes i go in the office and see 4-5 dead duplicates and 1 WL running well. haha.

I did the same with a laptop at model plane field since the Cell stick would knock off after about two days. Dropped a batch file onto it and hit the go button. Reboot every 24 hours.


I'm having exactly the same issue as the OP ! I've tried 3 different computers with two different weather stations (Vue and Pro2) and the issue still persists, the only constant bit of hardware is the USB/weatherlink cable between the console and my PC.

Any idea what the cause is ?

How would I run a 'batch' file ?

Any help appreciated.


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