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Who to buy VP2 from ?


Any thoughts on who best to buy a 6163 VP2 from (or avoid buying from)? Scientific Sales? Weathershack? Hodges? Other?


Make sure you check Scaled Instruments.  I have been very satisfied with them.


This is always a difficult question.  Since these are units made by a company, and sold new in a box, you could argue that the lowest cost person is the best choice.

I have not purchased from every supplier out there, but I echo PaulMy's opinion that Ryan down in Scaled Instruments (I have a devil of a time remembering that name) has been an excellent source of information and advice, which is worth something compared to a firm selling stuff and having no idea about installation, replacement parts, etc.

You have to decide if there is a price difference is it worth getting known support, or maybe never needing support, or that all suppliers in the marketplace now are excellent at helping their customers.  That's the difficult question of course.

I'm of the opinion that they ALL need our business to keep their lights on.  Establish a relationship, even if you only buy a few things here and there.  Unless there is a reason to leave, stay with them.

Let us know what you used to reach your decision, out of interest's sake.

Ordered from Scaled.  Thank you guys.


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