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ZeroSSL now has a limit for the free version?


it will only let you renew your 90-Day SSL Certificate only three times till it makes you pay?

I went in today because I got a email saying that my cert will expire to find out that now I have to give them a cc#....well I am going to do it but I will be looking on moving my site soon.

I've been using a program called Certify the Web.  It has a nice wizard tool that lets me get my cert directly from Let's Encrypt.  The big reason it works for me is because GoDaddy has an API for DNS changes.  CTW uses the API call and does all the DNS changes so that I can do a wild card cert.

I still plan on changing to ICD Soft for server hosting.  But because of the GoDaddy API, I will probably stick with my domain registration through them.  I will see if ICD has any similar solution though.

I moved my domain names to ICDSoft years ago from GoDaddy. Also ICDSoft has Let's Encrypt certs for free if you have an account with them. You set the cert up and they automatically renew it for you every 90 days.

Problem is, I need global certs so that I can use the certs on a couple of sub-sites I run not on GoDaddy.  When I'm ready to go to ICD, I'll have to talk to them about that.  They may be able to auto-renew, and maybe I can export.  Not sure until I talk to them.

I do have a account on ICDSoft. I just been putting off moving everything to the new server. I guess I  better get to work on it soon.
Thanks for the info guys!


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