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Cumulus Graphs not updating with current data



First, let me point out I am using Cumulus 1.9.4 although I don't think that has any relevance to my problem.
The Cumulus graphs are updated using .png images from the ./images directory. The images in the directory are current, Cumulus is updating properly. However the graphs that utilize those images stopped at midnight last night. No changes have been made to site and this is a recent development.

The script is identical to from Ken's script, I just renamed the file years ago when I changed the heading.

Again, the .png files are updating correctly but for some reason the script is not retrieving them.

Any suggestions on where else to look would be appreciated.


EDIT 3:46  I just looked at the graphs on my phone and they are updating correctly. However they are still showing midnight on my desktop browsers. I am using FF & Chrome. I have cleared the cache and cookies on both. I attempted to attach a pic of what I have displayed here but am getting [invalid attachment], don't know why, the .png file has been reduced to 28KB, so it's obviously not a size issue. Possibly it is because I am attempting it during an edit.

The graphs look fine and current... a little past 15:00 at the moment.
Something that I've done a few times when my pages or images don't appear to be updated is to add a variable to the URL like
and that often clears it up.



Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately no luck..

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The right side of the graph was midnight, last night, almost 16 1/2 hours ago.


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