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Read-out of CWOP-data


Sometimes basic meteodata needed as alternative datasource.
Presently intended application is for a weatherstation desiring a datafeed to HetWeerActueel, has problems with other interfaces, but OK for CWOP-interface.
In cooperation with station-owner then have to find an 'escape'-route using read-out of CWOP-account.

The raw tables from CWOP might be a handy resource and easy to get.
Example for raw APRS-data:
Example for raw Weather-data:
Extraction of data seems simple, because all values always at same position in the line and with same format.
This document in section 6b explains the setup.
Small detail to grab & dissect the latest/actual data of a station, that such data is in the bottom data-line of the file with APRS/Weather-data.
Also to be aware that time-value is UTC in compacted version and units of values are 'english/american', and therefore for applications with 'Local-time' and SI-units a conversion is needed after extraction.

Has a member of this forum ever developed (or seen) a script to grab those actual data and to produce a list with latest station values?

;-) A PHP-script for grab & dissect on the APRS/Weather-data would be ideal,
because it might be put in webspace as a support module commonly serving various users,
but Python is also nice programming environment ....

June06, 2022:
Edited top 4 lines.

:idea: Looking right&left made myself a solution as feasabilty demonstrator:
this Python-script webscrapes the desired contents from the top dataline of this type of CWOP-webpage.
Webscraping is not my favorite, but don't see another way to extract the data from the CWOP-file.
However, operation of the script mentioned above is susceptible to the dynamic changes in the width of the datafields.
Therefore meanwhile developed another version working on bottom dataline of this type of CWOP-webpage:
the latter webpage has 'fixed-format' contents and that is easier for processing.

;) Many of the Dutch members of CWOP already also participate in HetWeerActueel, using a more direct route,
but the others cordially invited to join with similar setup as described above.

June06, 2022:
Edited & extended, to cover developments.


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