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My Ecowitt/Pantech HP2553 Deployment Photos


My first post in the forum. Great to be part of the community  :grin:

Finally splurged and bought the Ecowitt/Pantech HP2553 (Same as the WS-5000?) weather station and couldn't be happier. Still waiting for the WH57 lightning sensor to be delivered.

Fairly easy to set up and link to Weather Underground and now have local weather data to support my Facebook local weather alert group. If all goes well I'll get the local radio station to sponsor the deployment of 4 other stations for the other administrators.

Next step is to buy a WiFi solar IP camera to stream weather video and photos.

The link to my WU page is:

nice set up

That's quite a mast - 10-15 metres? Do you have any problems with the sensor package swaying?

I had to guy mine, but your tubing looks pretty substantial

Thanks mate!

It's sitting about 10 metres which well enough above the highest point of the roof. I haven't seen any swaying as of yet but there hasn't been any significant wind events yet. The pole is pretty thick so hoping ii won't need to be guyed. I'll know over the coming weeks how I'll go as the winds pick up.

mine swaying was quite alarming in a decent breeze over 25kts so I guyed it in the end!

Good luck!


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