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I've been trying to register on the Meteobridge forum but I never got the email with the registration link. Can this take several days to receive it?

The forum is under a bit of a spam barrage at the moment and some functionality has been removed to deal with that I think. Looks like it now includes registration.

Thanks. Yeah I noticed some strangeness going on in the forum this morning.

Yes, the spambot registrations are a continuing issue.  Here's the registration attempts (all above 100 tries) yesterday for
--- Code: ---    485 ECO-NET, route object, RU (Altagen CJSC 3 Davydkovskaya street 121352 Moscow RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
    448 Penki Kontinentai, Ltd., Lithuania
    337 MTSBY, Mobile TeleSystems JLLC, BY (Belarus)
    276 OJSC Rostelecom, Russian Federation
    204 M247-LTD-Brussels, M247 LTD Brussels Infrastructure, BE (1930, Zaventem, Belgium)
    165 NL-ZOMRO27-20210824, NL (Hengelosestraat 201)
    159 Portlane Networks AB, Sweden
    158 OJSC Rostelecom, Russian Federation
    130 2DAY Telecom LLP, Kazakhstan
    125 AISTNET, AIST Networks, RU (Russia)
    123 TELECOMRUNET, JSC, Ulyanovsk, RU (Ryabikova, 21b, Ulyanovsk, Russia)
    114 OJSC "Vimpelcom", Russia
    114 RU-MEGAFON-20170628, Siberian Branch of PJSC MegaFon - Novosibirsk Mobile Clients, RU (Samara)

--- End code ---
I guess that Boris hadn't relied on two separate captcha mechanisms for the meteobridge forum, so let in a bunch of robot miscreants and is taking action to suppress in the future.  Yep.. the PHPbb site just relies on Google reCaptcha which has been pretty thoroughly broken by the miscreants.

I am still unable to register. It says if you have trouble registering you should contact one of the board administrators. I've looked everywhere and cannot find a way to do this. Seems you have to be signed in to do this LOL. And I cannot find the "contact us" form.


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