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And now your watch has ended: pour one out for my WS-1400-IP


Today was the warmest, nicest day we have had in many months, and it was this morning that my faithful WS-1400-IP failed to check in. It briefly reported an outside temperature of 8.8 F when it should have been about 60 F, and then... nothing.

Batteries? Nope. It just passed peacefully into the beyond.

I got this unit used on Craigslist almost exactly 3 years ago for $20, including a nice lazy tripod mount. (The previous owner had mounted it on his roof and had just decided that a weather station up there wasn't worth the trouble.)

Thanks for standing guard through your last winter, my old friend! o7

Now, what am I going to get?? I don't know exactly how warm it is outside now, and it's killing me already!

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Sorry about the passing of an old Friend..   Still waiting for my Davis WMII to give up after 21 years in service ,  Did replace the anemometer as it was intermittent. picked up one on E-bayt for $50 thought it deserved after all these years.


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