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WS-5000 I stall

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This is my just completed WS-5000 installation

congrats!  it was hot today here too!  8-)

Nice!  Looks nice and solid. Here's hoping the pole is still vertical after it gets nudged a few times with the riding mower!  :lol:

I keep noodling over mount height .. I want the sensors higher off the ground to get the best wind, but I need to get at the batteries ...  there is an extension battery compartment for the AcuRite, the sensor end is shaped to plug into their battery holder, and the bottom can be at ground level.


--- Quote from: Geokir on July 31, 2021, 11:43:33 PM ---This is my just completed WS-5000 installation

--- End quote ---
link for online-data?

Looks good...just mounted my WS-5000 yesterday  [tup]


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