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Reporting to CWOP, findu but station not found on NWS or Mesowest

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Hi All, 

I am relatively new at this, so I ask for your patience in advance!

Iíve recently got my weather station reporting properly to CWOP. I had originally registered and then sent a follow up email once my data was showing on findu. About a week and a half ago, I received a confirmation email, and after that, I now had a MADIS ID.

Whenever I search my station on NWS or Mesowest, it shows that my station does not exist. Is there another step I need to do to connect with them? I read that it takes a couple of days but I am well over a week at this point. Is patience my enemy here or do I need to do something else?

My CWOP station ID is FW7515 and F7515 on the others (or I believe it should be)

Thanks so much

From when you receive that final confirmation it takes until the following Wednesday to show up on MADIS and MesoWest. I'd say wait until next Wednesday and then see how it goes. It could also be that this Covid-19 is delaying registrations. When the government shut down due to not passing the budget there was a big delay in registrations (like a month). Maybe this Covid-19 is affecting registrations in a similar way.

Work this list backwards and see which stations show up on MADIS and MesoWest.

See how far back their data goes. This will show you if it is just a problem with your registration or if there is a big queue of unregistered stations.

Excellent, thank you so much. Iíll check that data out and report back here shortly. Appreciate it!

I realize this is an old topic but wanted to add my two cents. I am also waiting for my station to report. I have checked and it has been assigned an NWS ID. Today marks the second Wednesday I have been waiting to see my station on MADIS and still no luck. I guess I'll patiently keep waiting. I'd be curious to know what the "normal" wait time is nowadays for MADIS to report new stations.

Hi there. I donít remember the exact time frame, but it definitely took a bit for it to show up, I would say at least two weeks. The advice above about checking the list of station IDs was helpful, as I could see they just werenít up to mine yet.


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