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Wordpress site migration problem
« on: February 19, 2022, 05:42:46 PM »

I have copied all wordpress files and the database from my old host to my new one, the problem is that when I enter wordpress via my URL it thinks its a new instance and wipes the database, if I reimport the database, the cycle starts again.

Before moving I tried to make an exportable backup of the site but my files were way to big and it just stalled.

I have followed youtube videos about 4 times, but I end up at the same place, I can access my original files using cpanel, but as I have transferred my DNS I can't open the wordpress blog with a browser, so I'm stuck with having the original files but no way I can get them to work.

Any tips or pointers would be really helpful as their is years worth of blogs which I would like to acccess.
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