Author Topic: Info about gw1000 weewx API driver  (Read 102 times)

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Info about gw1000 weewx API driver
« on: October 09, 2021, 11:40:15 AM »
Good afternoon, I have a Walbeck Halley WH2650 with the WH32B indoor T/H/P sensor, the WS69 outdoor array and a WH57 lighting detector. I'm using weewx on a raspberry, sending data to Meteotemplate and a remote influxDb server+Grafana. At the moment I managed to get everything successfully working with a custom modified version of the Interceptor driver, but I was thinking to switch to the gw1000 api driver, in order to custom upload data to another external server (now I'm sending data to the local raspberry). I have two questions for those who are using it:
1. What happens if wifi drops or router reboots (I have scheduled a router reboot every night - a couple of minutes to complete the process -  to avoid issues with connection getting stuck - I'm using a usb sim card dongle) and the driver is unable to reach the wh2650? Will it crash /stop weewx (so that I have to manually restart it) or it will continue? (with the interceptor being a simple "sniffer" nothing bad happens).
2. Is the lightning_distance field treated correctly? What I mean is that while the units of the main station packet loop are imperial and stored as imperial in Weewx database (but shown and extracted as metric), the lightning_distance field provided by the WH57 is in kilometres (checked with the ecowitt app), causing a units' mismatch (it was one of the small modifications I had to made to the interceptor driver - it was thinking that lightning_distance was in miles, storing it directly to the database and giving a mismatched value)
Sorry for being a bit lenghty, thank you for any help you can offer   :-)