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Replacing sensors
« on: August 29, 2021, 10:05:52 PM »
I have an Ambient WS 1401-IP and am replacing the inside 7-year-old BARO/temperature/humidity sensor. The BARO sensor is the station BARO. The original sensor was a WH25B and was replaced by a WH32B. I have both sensors running beside each other and the values are slightly different.
                                    Old sensor values         New Sensor
              Temp                       76.1 F                       75 F
             Humidity                    39 %                        44 %
              BARO                   30.10 in hg                 29.91 in hg
I can correct these values in the calibration page with IP tools. The question I have is about the BARO sensor. Assuming the new sensor is accurate, should I make this .19 in hg additional correction in the Absolute or Relative pressure offset. I have previously calculated ABS and REL and have an Altimeter reading that corresponds with local stations at about the same altitude within 5 miles.
Second question to those who are familiar with this unit what is the procedure to swap over to the new sensor.  I am thinking to remove the batteries in the old sensor, wait for it to go to sleep then do a reset or power cycle the bridge to let it "find" the new sensor. Any help appreciated.

EDIT Solution: More simple than I thought. I removed the batteries from the old sensor and the new sensor was recognized. I then went through the entire calibration process and all is well.
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