Author Topic: Comtrend PG-9172PoE & PG-9172 question  (Read 463 times)

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Comtrend PG-9172PoE & PG-9172 question
« on: November 14, 2020, 01:19:22 PM »
I am trying to get the output from a Hikvision Network camera across a poured concrete wall. There is no easy way to get a wire cable to where it can connect to my network, so the reasonable choices seem to be either an Ethernet-2-WiFi device or a Powerline Ethernet Bridge.

I am leaning toward the Comtrend Powerline Ethernet Bridge, and  I would like to hear your opinion if you have any experience with this device. It will not be doing any streaming, so speed is not of high importance. Most of the negative reviews that I see about these are complaining about speed reaching only 250-300 Mbps, not anywhere close to the 1200 Mbps that is advertised. For those of us that live in the broadband backwater, even 15 Mbps is an imaginary number. 

Thanks for any words of wisdom that you might have.