Author Topic: Ecowitt WH41 - continuous power USB mod  (Read 667 times)

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Ecowitt WH41 - continuous power USB mod
« on: June 19, 2020, 02:11:27 PM »
Hi, I have a WH41 and I'm going to be mounting it on my shed, My shed has a stand alone solar system with USB outputs as the load with control on the solar charge controller. I was thinking of making a small hole on the base of the WH41 so that the USB cable stick out (then filling up the gaps with some silicone caulking), and then plug in the USB to the solar panel system. The load is controlled by the charge controller and I have it set for turning on at night. So basically, the WH41 will run on its own batteries during the day, and then at night, the power to the USB will be provided and stay on until the sun comes up. It would be the equivalent of me charging the WH41 every night for about 6 to 12 hrs depending on the season.

Do any of you see potential issues with this type of setup?
Does the WH41 still transmit (every 10 min) even when being powered/charged by the USB cable?

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