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Re: Barani Meteowind Pro - IoT
« Reply #25 on: November 17, 2020, 05:35:41 AM »
Hi mauro and others, I too am the proud owner of a MeteoWind IoT Pro, but I have the LoRaWAN edition.
I've been using LoRaWan for other things as well, so I bought a Laird LoRaWAN Sentrius RG186 gateway/router, which is connected through ethernet cable, and resides indoors. Must say reception of my barani sensors (and other sensors) is perfect, but I live in a rural area so that may play a role.

In communicating with Jan Barani I gather that they're almost done with the new API and website. allMeteo is nice, but not very useful in its current state, in my opinion. We need much better inter-connectivity for our barani units.
Also, for the Wind unit I had to create a different 'station' at allMeteo, since it has its own SN/ID. I have yet to find a way to merge it with the MeteoHelix I also have, or at least allow it to be visible in the same screen where other sensors reside.

I went for barani because their units are extremely accurate and sensitive for their price. Overall it's a much better option than the Davis units, in my opinion, just not widely supported yet. So when you want to have its data shown on some website, you need some tinkering with in-between servers. I'm currently trying to get my barani wind-sensors to show in the weather station wordpress plugin by Pierre Lannoy, but I just started on that. I'll let you know how it goes.