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Chit-Chat / Re: Gas Prices
« Last post by Greg_M on Today at 09:36:19 AM »

Buy an electric car and you donít have to worry about gas prices! Right? Wrong! I just purchased a new car (my former car was 16 years old) and I told my salesperson I did not want an electric or hybrid vehicle that gives rise to a government handout (aka rebate, subsidy) and I donít want the hassles of plugging my car in. I will let the next generation deal with the current follies of our current administration that renewables will solve all of our problems including cancer, COVID, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, unemployment, etc., etc.

I've often wondered what people running from hurricanes do when the run out of juice and have to recharge.
Do they tell the hurricane to wait while they charge up?

Ever heard what it costs for a new battery for your electric car?

Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: RM Young Anemometer Adapter
« Last post by fkapp on Today at 09:05:02 AM »
Thanks. Looks similar specs to the solar powered one Davis sells.

Curious why you thinking of going with the power cabled one?

Ask because the solar powered one is available for sell in the US.

It turns out that the Ecowitt documentation is wrong about a couple of things, and the combination of rtl_433 and tcpdump has been immensely helpful there.

Do you remember what was wrong?
The RG-11 sensor has a mostly undocumented serial interface I'm trying to use.
Has someone experience with it?
I've written some Code for a ESP8622 (Wemos D1 mini) together with MQTT.
That seems to work, but I still have to figure out the meaning of the values I get.

Here is my code:
Nope, but it's the weekend so not much point until tomorrow anyway.
MBPro is unable to send to with or without a subscription. I would assume MB PI to be the same? A Nano/SD can upload to without any subscription, requires a simple account.

@Mattk: Are you sure about this - it's not obvious from the MB website? (Not doubting the comment at all, but it's a detail I wasn't aware of and would be useful to clarify 100%.)

If accurate then it presumably implies that MB doesn't itself currently synthesise the current conditions packet for upload to I can't imagine that this would be a difficult feature to add but that's obviously for Boris to decide. Following this train of thought, it sounds to me like there are two scenarios:

1. If MB sources data from a Vue/VP2 console (Nano; MBfPi with a USB logger or WLIP-type feed; and ditto for MB Pro Red or Black) then it can upload to

2. If MBfPi sources data from WLL or directly from the sensor transmitters (Red) then it can't upload to

But this is just me speculating and official confirmation would be good.
I follow the steps in Services with Meteobridge and where I'm supposed to paste the copied script is grayed out.
Chit-Chat / Re: Gas Prices
« Last post by Greg_M on Today at 07:48:43 AM »
Custom Website Templates / Re: Change color thermometer
« Last post by CarlosLSev on Today at 06:59:03 AM »
Nothing finally, apparently it works but the graphical thermometer does not change the degrees
This model:

Trying to locate a reseller in the US.
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