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Question about weather station La crosse 3610 -3600

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Hello from Greece
I like to ask you a question if you know the weather station La crosse
3610 - 3600 in Europe, it have quality problems ??,because i want to
buy this weather station ,but i listen from somebody this weather
station have problems quality .
Do you know if this is really or wrong ???
Now i have the La crosse ws 2300 and i am very happy from it .

Thank you

Keep in mind this is my personal opinion and I can't speak directly to the quality of LaCrosse stations, but I'd save up a little longer and get a Davis VP2. Quality gear, with a company that stands behind their product. Even though it's more expensive, the VP2 is still a better value in the end based my experience and what I've observed from others.

I agree with anole.



there is a saying, you get what you pay for....


--- Quote from: "windy" ---there is a saying, you get what you pay for....
--- End quote ---

I know this very well and is very correct .
I know the Davis is very good weather station ,but it cost more money from La-crosse .
Thank you all of you where  answer to me .


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