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New to this site,  my compliments to the administrators!!

I have recently installed a LaCrosse WS2308 and have emailed LaCrosse tech support to see if I can cut down the wire length on the wind and rain sensors to eliminate the wad of wire under the eaves.  They first wrote back and said it would void the warranty.  I responded and said that didn't matter, would it hamper the operation?  They returned with a message its not reccomended and to use zip ties to bunch the wire up.  I'm not concerned about the warranty, I'm wanting to know if there is some reason (techical) I shouldn't.  I can't imagine why if you can add 32' of extra cable you can't shorten the darn thing.

Anyway, I appreciate any advice from the group.

I seriously doubt shortening the cable would have any ill effects. It is just regular telephone cable unless they changed something so I can't see where it would do any harm.

I'm with you, I just have to do it and see what happens.  I'm assuming the LaCrosse responder was tossing out an assumption of her own or a company policy answer.

Thanks for the reply.

    They may be concerned that you intend to cut and splice the wires!  That would be difficult to waterproof!  I've cut and replaced the connectors using a special clamping tool successfully many times!  The nice part about that is the connectors are hidden from any moisture.



You are probably right, I made it clear I had all the tools to add modular plugs and do it frequently for voice and data work.  That didn't buy me a blessing or confirmation it would be ok.  Even told them the warranty wasn't an issue.  Oh well, up on the roof at the next chance.  Thanks!


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