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Man claims Bitcoin mining is carbon neutral... 😂


Garth Bock:
Man claims computers don't emit CO2 and are carbon neutral.... What a doofus. This not an April Fool's joke. At first I had a hey.. what? moment and then I couldn't stop laughing.


Oh, but make NO mistake, it'll be treated as gospel by half the country. I still constantly see people with face diapers on...  :roll:

Apart from the massive 100+ TWh's of electricity consumption per year 

Garth Bock:

--- Quote from: Mattk on April 14, 2023, 09:24:16 PM ---Apart from the massive 100+ TWh's of electricity consumption per year

--- End quote ---

And not including the noise building cooling fans make...


Compare to what it takes to keep USD and other fiats going, it's literally nothing.Freaking out over CO2 is a lot more LOL worthy. 


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