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should I paint a Rainwise rain funnel?

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While I have my LR Rainwise sensor package down from its mount, I  have been cleaning it, checking for nests, critters and such. and while cleaning the rain catcher funnel began to think that all the rest of the stuff is white, but the collector is black, or mostly black fading a bit with sun over the years.

I know that the temperature and humidity sensors are just a few inches away, and just above the funnel. 

I got wondering if it would help to give at least the outside of the funnel a bit of a white coating with a outdoor spray enamel which would match the color and finish of the rest of the sensor/solar panel housing.

It might make it cooler, and therefore less likely to raise the temperature of the sensor just below the wind vane propeller assembly.

I could also paint the inside, at least down to a few inches away from the drain hole and screen, since during the summer the sun will hit that area too.

Has anyone done this?  Were there regrets?  Is there a reason to NOT do this that I've not thought of?

I suggest caution here. With at least Sensirion sensors, they say VOC can be detrimental to the sensor. They even specify which kind of glue to use with the SF2 cap. I suppose if you let the VOC's dissipate, you may be okay. Personally, I'd at least find A VOC 'friendly' paint if you go this route.

Good point.  I won't be placing the sensor back on the post for awhile, so I could paint the cone, removed from the unit, and let it stand for a week or two, or if we ever get warm temperatures and sunshine to bake it a bit, the outgassing should be done in awhile.

Thoughts?  Dale

I think you'll be okay, however, I hold harmless... ;)

Playing Devil's Advocate, both Rainwise and Davis use black rain gauges.  Could there be a technical reason, like solar heat to melt snow in the winter?????


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