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Using ChatGPT for weather forecast?

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Has anybody found a good prompt to create a readable weather forecast using supplied forecast data, such as the NWS.gov data?

I'd love to see what prompt was used and what data was used as source for such a forecast.  I've been playing with it, but my results are either too broad/regional, too scientific, or just not really a 'friendly' forecast read.

If I could get a reliable output from wxsim, maybe the plaintext.txt data could be used as part of that supplied data.

Just wondering what others are trying.


I think some time ago I got a script off these forums to do an audio reading of weather conditions.  I do need to work on forecasting part of the test module, but it is possible.  it may not be "ChatGPT" but reads you current weather or forecast from text.


I just process a load of webtags from cumulus into a html file really then use a script to read it.

Garth Bock:
I was reminded of the text to voice that was on www.roswellweather.net (now offline). If you use the internet wayback machine you can see the old site. I copied Dan's tutorial on setting it up and put it in an attached PDF. Now it was based on VWS software (no longer supported but some still use it) but maybe this will give you some ideas.

The Radio on my komokaweather.com site is still giving 5-minute current weather updates, using Cumulus. 


What I've been experimenting with, using ChatGPT, is having it write a forecast based on data that I provide it... So I paste in a regional forecast with all sorts of data in it, and tell it to write me a forecast in the voice of a local weatherman... by voice, I mean 'style'... 
So, for example.. using today's Weather.gov regional discussion, and telling ChatGPT to write me a forecast based on that discussion text, and in the voice of Ron Burgundy, I got this:

Ah, San Diego, the land of sun, surf, and...clouds? That's right, my friends! As of 8 AM PDT, skies are sunny over SoCal, but brace yourselves,
as high clouds are rolling in from the west like a fine mustache on yours truly. These clouds are ahead of a weak low-pressure center,
situated about 550 miles west of San Diego. Temperatures have been chillier than a penguin's pajamas, with lows in the 30s to mid-40s and
single digits near Big Bear.


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