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Systems Info:
WD Version 10.37SB147
Windows 11
Davis VP2

WD will no longer connect to my Synology NAS after I reset the password on NAS this morning where I host my website.

I changed the password in WD's ftp settings to match the new NAS password (triple-checked that they match).

I also rebooted the server and Windows laptop running WD.

The error is "530 Maximum number of tries exceeded". Here's what the Clientraw ftp shows, any suggestions?

Real time Clientraw FTP, vers 10.2
***Time/date***:10:40:50 AM 3/19/2023
Logging onto FTP server....XXX.XXX.X.XX
Connecting to FTP server at XXX.XXX.X.XX:21.
220 servername FTP server ready.
331 Password required for username.
530 Maximum number of tries exceeded. Please contact the site manager.
141: FTP protocol error: 530 Maximum number of tries exceeded. Please contact the site manager.
Changing to remote directory /web
Logging off from server 10:40:50 AM
Doing abort procedure/program close...
restart timer started

I was having trouble changing the web image that WD was uploading to Twitter.  Changed everything that I thought needed changing in WD but changes never took hold.

From the WD Forum I learned that there are ftp specific entries in a reg file.  The one I needed, “wdisplayftp” was a hidden file in the data backup folder.  It looks like this file stores the ftp connections made by WD (????).  I made changes for the Twitter upload section and all worked.

You could look in this file to find your specific upload configuration, make the changes (make sure WD is closed when editing the file) and then execute the file.  This was a mistake I made (once), not executing the reg file ☹.

Also, this is a bit out of my comfort area so apologies if I have mangled the description.

Thanks for the suggestion, which I'll save with the other tips I've collected over the years, but it solved itself. All I did was go to the grocery store with my wife for a couple of hours and after I returned home everything was working properly!


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