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Hello everybody,

I open this post to communicate, in agreement with the company, some important news of this brand much appreciated by the most advanced enthusiasts.

The Meteoshield Pro, which many of you will know, a product at the top of quality among the solar screens with natural ventilation, will benefit from an update with the new version, which has now arrived.
to the 3rd generation.

Nothing changes in the original project, which remains almost unchanged, the changes, almost invisible to an inattentive eye, concern the non-visible parts of the screen, i.e. the internal helicoids and the
lower black, further enlarged in size, with a new layout and a new "knurled" effect treatment that further improves performance in solar radiation conditions
reflected and in the possible internal reflections, especially in the early morning hours and when medium / large sensors are used.

Nothing else has been changed, the support bracket and sensor preparation remain identical to the previous version.
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Given the frequent use with Ecowitt probes in the EP version, the company has studied an ideal assembly for this type of probe that allows for the best performance and limiting the
need for accessories in the installation phase, at the following link the instructions and advice for this type of probe.
Those who know the Meteoshield Pro well know that, precisely by virtue of its helical shape, it is able to guarantee high performance even in weak ventilation conditions (remember that the
natural ventilation is an important weapon in passive screens to reduce radiation errors) but there are boundary conditions, especially in certain types of installation and in certain areas and periods of the year,
in which natural ventilation is absent or so weak (less than 1 m / s) that it does not guarantee the minimum internal airflow sufficient for proper air exchange.

The ventilated version, which does NOT adopt the ducted sensor, was created precisely for this type of installation, it is a daytime ventilation, therefore it works only in the presence of solar radiation,
albeit minimal, and the power supply is guaranteed by the group of upper solar panels.

The start threshold of the fan is extremely low and its rotation intensity is strictly proportional to the intensity of the solar radiation.

In the absence of solar radiation, therefore at night or with a completely covered sky, or during precipitation, the fan will not operate allowing you to have the same performance as the
Passive Meteoshield Pro.
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Questa scelta stata fatta per mantenere comunque elevate prestazioni e per evitare i problemi noti delle versioni con sensore intubato:
This choice was made to maintain high performance and to avoid the known problems of the versions with ducted sensor:

- possibility of overcooling in case of precipitation, high humidity, presence of fog
- inaccurate and unusable data in case of ventilation malfunction

P.S this article was written by Mauro Serenello.  (Mauro63)

Hope Barani makes replacement ventilators available aswell in their shop once this is for sale.

Good evening everyone, first data from the tests at the station, good vision to everyone,
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Report sheet of October: Tn/Tx/AVG
We can clearly see that the Pro3 is mostly the coldest in Tn and the warmest in Tx (less pronounced)

very soon new setup with the new sht45 probes from sensiron mounted carefully with the technical assistance of an EU friend :)


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