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Heads-up: PurpleAir JSON query now requires an API key... grrrrr.

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i have tested the api in WD , using a Station ID number (you can  get that for your station via the purple air map) and a api key for someones purple air sensor and it does work


--- Quote from: zeppline on May 29, 2022, 04:48:39 PM ---Ken I am lost. Do i still need get-purpleair-aqi or is it replaced with purple-inc and wxpurpleair. having a senior moment. I only have one ID and it is only 5 numbers? I have the keys and am waiting for purpleair to get back with two ID,s. Thanks Joe

--- End quote ---

You need an API key for access to data --only the READ key need be used.  The station number of your station hasn't changed, so you already have that.

If you configure purpleair-inc.php with your station number and the API READ key, then it can pull data from
The wxpurpleair.php page is needed to present the data gathered by purpleair-inc.php (since that script only gets, but not presents the data).

Hope this helps...

I tried but I have no idea what I'm doing. Anyone want to look at my file and let me know what I'm doing wrong?

The issue is likely with
--- Code: --- $PurpleAirAPI = 'blank';
--- End code ---

You need to request API keys from .  Include your real name and sensorid in the request.

They’ll email back with two API keys, one for Read and one for Write.  Copy the Read key to replace the word ‘blank’ and upload the changed file.  You must have a valid API key for queries to

Hi Ken,

I have an API key but removed it before uploading the file so other don't use it.


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