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NOAA Radio Streams Not Loading on GoDaddy Server


While my streams, Nebraska Lincoln 162.475, are available on NOAA Radio Org, the streaming page fails to load on my GoDaddy website.  Alternately, my insecure testing server loads the streaming page just fine as does my localhost.

Inspection shows that the console on GoDaddy throws a 404 Error at bootstrap.3.3.7-mod.min.css and the page aborts.

What's going on here???

There appears to be at least two things wrong:

1) the request for does return a 404-Not Found, so you should upload that CSS file again to your site.
2) the request for data (to ) is not returning the expected JSON content, but a Cloudflare challenge with the text of 'Please wait while your request is being verified...' .. That's an issue that Cutty will need to fix.  It may be that your server's IP is in a Cloudflare 'marginally naughty' list so requiring a manual 'it's ok' to proceed.
You can change the script to load instead of NWR-radios-data.php and that should get the data flowing again.

Many thanks, Ken!  As usual your diagnosis and the fixes were spot on.

The NOAA Radio streams on my GoDaddy site are working again. =D> =D>


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