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I finally bought a PM2.5  sensor from ECOWITT so I thought about refreshing a bit the GW1000 app.
The logic is exactly the same of the GW1000 app. Just experimenting a bit with the interface.
I didn't want update the original app because the changes could be let say "questionable" but I deployed as a completely different app.
Since I highly value my loyal supporter  [tup] the new app can be downloaded for free if somebody already bought the original gw1000.
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I really have no idea what the Lightning sensors, the soil sensors and the leak sensor actually return.
I would love to have some feedback about those because Im sure Im showing some garbage there.

I have at least one of almost every kind of sensor, and a GW1000 and GW1100, so if there's something you'd like to know about their behaviour, let me know.  (I have WH31, WH31P, WH32E, WH32B, WH34, WN35, WH40, WH41, WH45, WH51, WH55, WH65, WH68 devices, and several of all the multi-channel ones except for the WN35 leaf sensor.)



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