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AWEKAS goes a new way.

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AWEKAS goes a new way.
AWEKAS is no longer restrictive with regard to user data.
The strict admis are now out of the system.
AWEKAS hardly controls the values anymore, so the provider has become more open and hopefully does not have as many problems with the user.
I think this is a good way to go and the contradictions are now over.

I guess I'm fired hu?  :grin:   [tup]

 [tup] :grin: [tup]

I've now been updated on the situation...

There is no policy change at AWEKAS. It is true that different administrators employed different levels of tolerance on station data. If one or more administrators leave then it can certainly maybe affect the overall perceived management of the network, or maybe not. But the important thing remains that the controls and guidelines for current administration remains in place.

A bit off topic, but what are plans for handling air quality data on AWEKAS? I can see mine is uploaded, but as of yet you cannot do anything with it?


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