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How Is WeatherLink Setup in Virtual VP Using TCP/IP?

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It is simple. You use the Weatherlink mobile app. The app sees it and it will then join it to your WiFi network or it will find it automatically if you plug in to your router via Ethernet cable. Then you use the Weatherlink app to configure.

Then any application you want to run can get data from it just by giving the software the IP address of the WLL.

Bunty I have Weatherlink working with TCP/IP. Here is a screen shot of my setup. Make sure you have the IP address and the port in the communication setup of Weatherlink.



--- Quote from: Bunty on July 29, 2020, 02:18:16 PM ---Off hand, it seems the biggest challenge is how to go about making WD transmit its data to WLL.

--- End quote ---

I missed responding to this question....

WLL does not need anything to transmit data to it. The WLL is its own console and it is able to pick RF broadcasts from your ISS and other sensor transmitters that you may have. For some people that don't need to see a display they can get a station going by only buying the WLL and the ISS with its sensors.

Thanks for everybody's help.  But did manage to successfully reset VP to use TCP/IP, so won't have to spend around $200 for Weatherlink Live. 


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