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Hey guys, I have an Ambient 2902b which has been really good to me.  It's mounted on a mast on my roof, and my house sits on a ridge with downward slope on both sides, so I tend to get pretty good unobstructed readings.  I recently purchased a Weatherflow Tempest solar powered unit which will arrive on Monday.  I'd like to replace my Ambient unit with the Tempest (even though I'll miss the dedicated display that the Ambient has in the house).  My question is, is it worth keeping both units running at my house, basically stacked on the same mast to be able to keep the indoor display, or is there any way to make the Ambient unit a remote station?  I know it requires WIFI so I may be out of luck, but I know some people are pretty creative with station locations!  Thanks, looking forward to learning a lot from the community!

Yes you should keep the Ambient so that you can have accurate rain readings.  :lol:

Totally not following what you are saying regarding remote and WiFi and being out of luck. Was your WS-2902B not connected to WiFi before? Why would the WeatherFlow prevent you from continuing to use your Ambient?

Hey there, thanks for the reply.  I probably wasn't making much sense.  I have a piece of property on a local lake that I wanted to be able to monitor.  There is no power / wifi / etc.  It's an empty lot.  I didn't know if there was a way to use my 2092 on that plot of land, that's all.  It is hooked to WIFI now at my house.  Thanks again.

You mentioned both sensors on the same mast. So I'm still not totally following.... Okay moving on...

If you want to site your WS-2902B at a new location without power and without WiFi then you have to get really creative or you can just forget the idea and just get a station that was designed to work in a remote location to begin with.

One way is with a cellular hotspot. You'll need a large enough solar panel and battery storage to run the hotspot and console.

You can also get a new station like the Ecowitt WH6006. That means not using your WS-2902B at all. Just another option. Or maybe you can use your WS-2902B sensor if they let your order without the outdoor sensor part as it will be compatible.

You will not be able to make the WS-2902B display work if it isn't near the sensors.

The remote viewing of data will be via online weather upload services like WU or others or via software like Weather-Display or WeeWX. WH6006 can upload directly to online services or to your remote server. Weather-Display can display data from WU and WeeWX can be your remote server. Two separate solutions for remote viewing. You can do either one by itself or do both just to have data in more than one manner.

There are other solutions like ham radio. But I think you'd then need to invest more than just using the ideas I presented.

Another rather expensive solution is a Barani brand station that uses other long range radio broadcasts and are designed for remote locations.

Yet another expensive solution is Davis Enviromonitor gateway with a Davis weather station.


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