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How to view my weather station in Windy website.

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I have added windy to my meteobridge and i see the green checks but i do not know what i am missing or if i am doing this right. Please help

Looks like Windy is working. Seems like it is WeatherCloud that has an issue.
It would be helpful to post account/station IDs for us to double check and see working or not working status.

How come the station ID for Windy is blank?  On my Acuparse upload, I have to use my Windy station ID.


--- Quote from: Bushman on April 29, 2020, 03:21:23 PM ---How come the station ID for Windy is blank?  On my Acuparse upload, I have to use my Windy station ID.

--- End quote ---

In the Meteobridge the shown Station ID: corresponds to the private station ID within your Windy account. The account you create in Windy is capable of being used for multiple locations/stations. The ID that you are referring to is the account ID not a station ID. To post to Windy you upload to an account ID and then if you don't also specify a station ID then your first station which is ID 0 is the default. The Meteobridge is providing the option of specifying the internal private station ID so that you can specify which of your stations you are uploading data to on your Windy account.

See below.
Red - Windy account ID - This is not a Station ID.
Blue - private station ID where 0 is the default first station created for the account

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The Meteobridge only lets you specify the Windy account ID when you first configure the upload service. To erase it you have to either reset the Meteobridge, a bad option I think...or better option is to just download the configuration backup....edit the configuration backup with a text editor and remove Windy section....and then restore the fixed configuration file to the Meteobridge.

One more thing at the OP - when I fired up Windy upload, it took about 45 minutes to see my station on Windy.


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