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Looking for dynamic placefiles that plot surface observations (METARs) in real time?  How about a high resolution road shapefile for the state you live in? Find this and much, much more at:

What is RedTeamWx?  RedTeamWx transforms meteorological data into creative software customizations and visualizations, drawing upon 15 years of professional experience/public service in the field of Meteorology and over a decade of field experience chasing severe convection in the central plains and tropical cyclones along the southeast coast. RedTeamWx products are freely accessible and regularly used by thousands of meteorologists and weather enthusiasts, including students and faculty at a number of universities and educational institutions, emergency managers and key decision makers (local, state and federal), military and government forecasters, broadcast meteorologists, businesses, non-profit organizations, skywarn spotters, and storm chasers.

Thanks for sharing your link! Looks like a lot of hard work has been going on over there!  8-)

Will this work for the WSV3 Application as well.

Does any one have a placefile for frontal place file as the free frontal place file got shut down


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