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I have been working on this WiFi based weather station project with direct reporting to Weather Underground. The system connects to the internet through your home WiFi and reports to Wunderground without the need for a PC or additional software. It uses less then 2 Watts and can be powered by a solar panel with a 6V battery or a tiny USB charger.

Together with my solid state, high resolution wind sensors the system can report at intervals of 2 seconds without missing a peak gust. The local station interface is HTML/SVG based and provides instant readout at a sub second rate. The anemometer has an 8-fold increased resolution over other commercial products, the Vane has a resolution of  ~1 degree with no dead band.

You can read about the project here  
The local interface of my stations is here  

I have been in beta test with a few units since December 2012 and have kits on hand ready to be shipped now.

Contact me directly if you are interested, or order on line at

Thanks  Gary

Wind sensors using the Davis Instrument vane and cups.The the main PCB top  The the main PCB bottom with WiFi moduleHygrometer and Barometer sensor

Let me know if you need any more beta testers. I would love to put a unit here in the deep south (northwest Alabama) to track our wild weather.

I am excited to purchase a kit whenever production begins! I am wanting to expand my current network of wx stations across the area, and this is exactly what I need! Thanks for the updated time frame on this project.

I'd love to test here on the windy Outer Banks of North Carolina as well.

Ditto on the offer of being a beta tester - got a nice snowy spot in the Monashees to test it.

Order web page is up at



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