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I'm interested in a discussion about the tcp/ip and http messages/packets that the LaCrosse Gateway uses in conjunction with it's communication with the host website: and decoding the protocol used to send the temperature and humidity data to the website.

My objective is to determine a method to capture the data from the LaCrosse sensor units such as the TX60U-IT at the local network level rather than having to resort to page scraping and similar methods to monitor the data.

Since I am new on this forum, I would first like to verify that this area is the appropriate place for the topic, and if not, I would ask a moderator to advise and to relocate this post.

I would be interested in what you find out. In fact, I signed up here because your post came up in my looking for these same answers. I am still doing my research and am currently on the fence as to whether to actually buy this device, because of the circumstances you describe. I do not want to have to rely solely on an external site, to get the measurements of local devices.

I have read some reviews that describe the reporting method used as a 'push' type data stream, instead of being able to poll the device directly, with say a HTTP GET request. Although, requests to port 80 of the gateway device IP do seem to return configuration information about the gateway device, I am not yet clear that any sensor information can be gathered this way.* Capturing the network traffic may be the only option, perhaps with a tool like tcpdump or WireShark.

I'm almost tempted to just bite the bullet and buy it, just to see what rube-goldberg type system I end up hacking together...

* I have only read this as reported by others, and not personally verified it is actually true.

This is just to followup with this discussion in case anyone else comes across the need to do this;

I finally broke down and purchased the gateway+temp/hum sensors, and have some bad news to report for those wishing to keep the data local. After installation, the gateway took some cajoling to finally connect to the correct server(since the IP changed since it was made it seems). I was able to get it to register successfully, and then started to capture TCP/IP packets coming from the device. Here is what happens;

1)device connects out with a TCP handshake
2) once complete, the device sends out an HTTP PUT request to the weather directservers;
3)Inside this request, is an HTTP_IDENTIFY header, which I assume is to uniquely identify your router/device
4)The put request is an unspecificed type application/octet stream
---The part that is making me return this device and look elsewhere for this
5)The octet stream is not in any way human readable, so I tried other possible encodings.
It is not UTF-8
It is not ASCII
It is not JSON compatible
It is not MIME

A request to the technical support email for the device and asking for clarification or documentation on this octet stream, was returned many days later. It was short and to the point;

"you are requesting proprietary information that we will not disclose.
The information will only go to the weather direct servers."

Which is unfortunate, because the connection to the servers from the device is marginal, at best. I have a SLA for my internet connection, and packets are rarely dropped, so I know it is not my end with the problem. I do not understand how they expect to maintain a business with a randomly available webserver to view this data on, and no way for the user to directly see their own measurements locally.

The temperature inside my house is not their proprietary information. This is BY FAR the worst device of this type I have ever encountered from a users perspective. I'm halfway torn between sending this back for a return, or spending a few more hours to crack this ridiculous hiding of my own data and post it for all others to use. It's your(and my) data after all, not someone else's property to be hidden at all costs from the person making the measurement.

I've got one of these as part of the C84612 weather station. I'm still playing with it. the system works fine stand alone but won't connect to the server. My browser can see it fine, just not getting out.

Since I posted the previous note I've been using Wireshark to sniff my network and can in fact see traffic between my gateway and, the server at  See topic=16683.0 for more info.  The server is still not registering my gateway though. The saga continues...


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