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As we get into the marketing season, has anyone seen deals on Reolink cameras?

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Last year some helpful comments were made about truly discounted prices on Reolink cameras, making them within reach when they otherwise would not.  I'd never have found them without those useful leads.

I am not a slave to pouring over every ad, every web site and so on looking for stuff I don't need.  But is there a way to look for offerings across several resellers (Walmart, Best Buy, etc) where one might be alerted to a deal?  I haven't seen prices since last holiday season that matched what were at the time, and I'd like one more camera (I'm using RLC-811A).

I am sure that board administrators go nuts trying to keep all sorts of promotions and ads and useless stuff off these pages (and for good reason) but helpful prices and tips may be of interest. Any way to scan for deals on specific items?


Google is supposed to have a way of tracking price drops, but I’m unable to get it to work.

So, I use Google alerts which gets you any new mentions of a product and scroll thru and look for the shopping websites. Not exactly what you want, but it works for me.

Reolink is also running specials during the month of November.

Amazon's Black Friday deals start on the 18 November.

These are their current. Warehouse deals for REOLINK:

Thanks everyone.

I guess the thing to do is just pick maybe 5 vendors and take a look on the days prior to the big sale dates and go from there.

I appreciate it.  I know  there are those who track sales just for the fun of it.  Now in my stage of life I get little thrill from that, but more thrill from saving a couple bucks, like my frugal mother taught us kids.



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