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All Sky Weather Webcam - 180 Degree View via Raspberry Pi

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Thought some users here would be interested in using an All Sky camera for a weather webcam - I have used various cameras for weather cams over the years and so far this has been the best option i have found. Its made to capture the night sky with star trails - as below, but i have it running all day linked to IPtimelapse, which overlays weather data.

Its a home made solution, with a 3D printed case:

Anyhow for anyone interested i have put a write up online with an examples all day timelapse and free files to 3D print:

If anyone here makes one or uses All Sky as a weather cam it would be nice to compare setups...


Thanks, very interesting

Exactly what I am looking for. I was hoping to find a ready made unit but so far, all I have found cost a lot. > 900 EUR
Can you run this with a battery + solar panel?

I'm running mine on a Voltec battery  -

They are not cheap - but its working, i ftp an image every minute and capture an image every 10 seconds for star trails, sky view and a timelapse.

Not checked if it will last during the winter yet though... - the image is at  - - at night it runs a long exposure (60 seconds).


Voltaic is great quality.  :grin:


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