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CumulusMX Ecowitt GW1100 & WH32 Question

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I have read the must read post as well as numerous other threads but i'm just still so confused.  :oops:

I've got CumulusMX up and running and it is connecting to the GW1100 just fine. I can also access the GW1100 via the mobile app and see both the indoor temp & humidity, as well as the temp & humidity provided by the outdoor WH32.

In CumulusMX though, the outdoor data is only available via navigating to the 'extra sensor' page. Is there a way to have CumulusMX read the outdoor data from the WH32? I'm at a loss as to how else you'd pipe in other sensor data. I mean, if I jump in for Ecowitt's expensive 8:1 sensor will any of that be available on the main dashboard or only in the 'extra sensors' tab.

Been making good progress here but now I feel like i've hit a wall!

I am at a similar stage with CumulusMX. If you are looking at the standard dashboard it is what it is, same with the default web page. In order to view these other sensors you will need to either modify the provided dashboard or create your own website. I have not investigated yet but I sure there is a way to obtain the extra sensor data to display on your own pages. At present I have no need to do this, I'm sure someone will come along and provide the necessary information.

There is only so much which can be defaulted as it depends so much on your available sensors.


So, are there any devices that will post in the standard dashboard by default?Or is it always going to be the case of needing to create a custom site? That's what I have a hard time believing.

I'll keep digging and let you know what I find, but I do appreciate your response! Thanks!

Well I've looked as I have three extra sensors but I have no way to make them show up on the dashboard or default website. Right now this is not an issue for me and when/if I switch to CumulusMX I will build my own website to look as similar to my current one as I can.


Good point.

I guess maybe i'll just focus on the data logging as that is really what I was hoping to leverage CumulusMX for anyway. Maybe i'll pony-up the coin for a console sooner than expected.


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