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Charts not visible in CumulusMX b3145


Hello everyone,

I'm brand new to this excellent forum. I have two Davis 6163s at different locations, both running Cumulus MX b3145. I thought I had them configured identically but apparently not. On one of them I am unable to see anything on the charts except a white screen (running on localhost). There is nothing visible in any of the charts regardless of function. The data appears to be running well and I can see the 5 min interval logged data in the monthly log. When I start up however, no archived data is read- I'm not sure if that is the issue?

(the working version on the other weather station has zero problems!)

Thankyou for any suggestions that may solve this issue.

Hard to tell without further information but likely something missing in the settings.  A good start is to compare the MXdiags files and see what that shows.  Also compare the Cumulus.ini files.


You could try asking your question on the official Cumulus forum at You will likely receive more assistance there.


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