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Hi Folks - I have managed to install and run MX (in a separate folder from my old Cumulus 1.9.4).  MX has produced log files in the data folder which start on the day I got MX working (22 Aug 21).  I have then (as an experiment) copied the 1.9.4 log file for Aug to the data file under MX (this has data from 1 Aug of course).  MX continues to run OK and adds data to the file, but the earlier data (before 22 Aug) remains inaccessible.  It doesn't appear in the 'charts', nor is it picked up in the NOAA reports.  Help!

Best to ask over on the CumulusMX forums

You could just copy all the Cumulus 1 \data files to your new CumulusMX with both stopped.
Then a restart and CumulusMX should then display going back from the date of Cumulus1 start.

Then run Mark's CreateMissing program to add the dayfile.txt items in CMX that were not in C1


Thanks Simon and Paul, 
     Before I try another Forum, I'll stick with this one for a bit.  I'm just using the Aug 21 data to start with.  Essentially I've done what you suggest, Paul, although I haven't done CreateMissing.  Is that the problem?  In MX, when I click 'logfile' all the August data (every 10 mins) is there OK.

                        Thanks and Regards



--- Quote ---although I haven't done CreateMissing.  Is that the problem?
--- End quote ---
No, not a problem at all.  You should be able to continue with whatever data is in your dayfile.txt and the new CMX would just add any additional data items from the time of running CMX.

Since you have previous Cumulus data I see no problem by using all of it with new CMX, especially if it is just a trial.  Having the full former \data folder files in your new CMX \data may eliminate any issues, such as previous alltime, monthly.

Have you filled in all the settings - i.e. Graph > Graph hours and Graph days, Data Series Visibility?

The only other thing I can think of is the "StartDate=" in your settings (Cumulus.ini).  In Station settings > General Settings > Advanced Options > Records Began Date.

p.s. on the NOAA reports you will likely need to (Re)Generate the missing reports.



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