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Rain Rate (/hr):1.430 in but no rain for 3 days


Good Evening/Morning everyone,

Not sure if this is a Cumulus or a php template issue, so while I continue my troubleshooting I thought I'd pass it by you all.

The rain rate on my ajax-dashboard.php is stating:  Rain Rate (/hr):   1.430 in

It hasn't rained for three days, but the reading hasn't returned to zero.

Has anyone experienced this?  I have found threads in which some folks had the opposite (rain outside/low rain rate/high rate).

Thanks in advance for your time.

~ Scott

I am also running the same Cumulus v1.9.4-b1099 and don't have that issue KomokaWeather - Home
Your current realtime.txt shows 1.43 rain rate (field 9)

Does Cumulus console show that rain rate?  Is that rain rate in the log file Jul21log.txt for current time?



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