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How to upload weatherdata to my website



I try in this forum also.

I have just set up my Raspberry Pi 4 with the raspberry pi image, and got it working.
I have connected my Ecowitt (Froggit) GW1000 and got weather data when I look in http://<ip_address>:8998.

Now I want to upload weaher data to my website, but I don't figure out how to do it.
I use Meteohub and upload data to my website with ftp, but I want to change to Cumulus MX.
I know that I have to change the webtags to Cumulus MX.

But my question is how to do it in Cumulus MX.
Where should I put the files and how to do it. I am a little bit comfused (begginer of Cumulus MX).

I have manage to upload the common files to my webhotel in "Internet settings".
But still the question is how I upload my own *.html-file, I believe it has to be done in "Extra web files"??

The reply on Cumulus forum should be helpful.



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