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NWROrg Team:

As advertised, we are beginning the elimination of NON-HTTPS streams from the NWROrg lists. 
ALL Non-SSL stream sources, and most '3rd' party streams will be totally eliminated by Dec 31, 2021.

If your stream is non-https source, and goes offline, either to your current non-secure server, or if the non-https Audio is lost and has been off several days when we run a stream audit, it will be removed permanently from the listings when noted. The same will be applied to streams originating from many third party servers, secure or non-secure. If you self-host a non-ssl stream this also applies. All streams on NWROrg must be https by the end of this year.

If you've NOT converted to SSL, please do so as soon as possible. We have provided a free HTTPS server at By the end of this year, virtually all streams MUST be primary on the server.

This is a simple process, however our new 'protocols' are specific, and designed for your stream to be of possibly better overall quality, and minimize your 'overhead', as well as the host resources.

Once a non-ssl stream has been removed, it will NOT be restored as non-ssl, and must be reinstated by feeding to the server following the new protocols.  NO NEW non-ssl streams are being accepted, and NO new third party commercial service hosts.

If you self serve a secure stream, that is wonderful, however check your encoder settings to conform with the new protocols.

If you have submitted to us a third party secure hosted feed, you should immediately also submit a stream to as the primary.  These third party hosts may be dropped without notice effective immediately, especially if they are hosted on a commercial website.

Information and protocols are at

NWROrg Team:
Removed virtually ALL Non-HTTPS streams from the master listing,
ALL non-https streams from the Hazard map page.

Many of the secure streams are sourced from 3rd party HTTPS servers.
Many Third party stream sources, especially commercial site related, may be dropped this year.

If you are NOT self-hosting HTTPS, or using using for your stream server, You should IMMEDIATELY direct a stream to server, following the protocols on exactly.
and submit a new stream request at

QRA SUBSCRIBERS:  Your reports for Non-ssl and third party hosting streams will be disturbed, or disappear. If you're NOT already on secure server, you need to go there with your stream, submit a new stream request, and after it activates, submit a NEW QRA request for the new stream.

Don't fuss.  We've been alerting you for months.


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