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So we have had a lot of snow (for our standards, about 15-30 cm of snow fell in most parts of the country) and since yesterday it has been very sunny and bright. Now today in the centre and north of our country we see KNMi stations shooting up in temp. From -9 C to 0 C in a matter of an hour. First people thought it was an error, but soon others followed. All above zero. Not in my regio. One reason: no wind. No wind meant -15 to localy -21 C. But it also means plus degrees. So we have Hupsel at +1.7 C and Twenthe, just 20 miles NE under the very same local conditions but with a little wind at -2,8 C.

What have we witnessed: KNMI removing at least some of the exceptional values. I checked it and the KNMI has three screens operating at the Bilt and all showed  a similar rise with the 0,0 C value sitting right in between. My suspiscion: they have corrected here due to radiation errors.

Now interestingly at Silvolde we have a Davis that registered -2,8 C and a Barani at the same field that registered -3,8 C. Silvolde is close to Hupsel. It has a little wind (1 m/s). But it seems we seen the problems with radiation errors now: very clear sky, no wind and lots of snow...

I also noted a KNMI station at De Bilt named KNMI LoRa...It is not in use currently, but what could that be? May be...?

I haven't post on here in some time but i decided to try testing how the height of the sensor placement in the shield might make a difference in performance of the Pro shield. I am comparing it to my Young 43502 shield. Both sensors are the sht 31 and have been calibrated to match each other and the shields are co-located on my weather tower at the same height. First results with wind blowing all night both shields read the same low temp of 56.3 and with the sunshine this morning and still good wind blowing the Pro  has been running about .4F lower than the Young. Now i need a calm wind day with sunshine to see how The Pro with the repositioned sensor holds up against the Young. I have high solar here in South Texas at a lat. of 27.8 degrees and no snow problems so readings are over grass.

A quick update, winds were blowing today and mostly sunny with some clouds in the afternoon and surprisingly the Pro was running 1.3 degrees lower than the Young shield and when a cloud moved over the Young temp dropped down to the Pro temp and went back up with the return of the sun. Now which is right, so i put my Davis 24 hour shield back out and calibrated to match the other two. It is supposed to be sunny tomorrow and i will get to see if the Young is reading high compared to the Pro and the Davis shields.

ashland weather:
It is good to see you back.  I have been thinking about getting the Barani shield.


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