Author Topic: Quick and Dirty Guide to Ambient WS2000 to Weather Display Setup over Wifi??  (Read 1191 times)

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Sorry if it's been asked before - my search turned up nothing.  Does anyone have a quick and dirty guide to setting up WeatherDisplay to talk to the Ambient WS2000 directly through home wifi?  I already push data to WU, and I can do stationless, but I'd rather have WD talk directly to the WS2000 if possible.

  Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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I kept digging, and pretty much answered my own question, which is that if one obtains an Ecowitt GW1100 (...about US$30 on Amazon), that that little device can act as a gateway for the data from, at the very least, the console of the WS2000.  Weather Display can then be set up to look at the GW1100 for data.  So, I wasn't able to talk to the WS200 directly with Weather Display, but at least I do not have to go out to the internet in order to pull the data into Weather Display.  Weather Display utilizes a cron job to poll the info at a given interval, which seems (by default) to be quicker than the native 16sec polling cycle of the WS2000.

  Now, a bit more tinkering to get the separate temp-humidity sensor that is native to the WS2000 to display in WeatherDisplay - at the moment the software is seeing only the temp-humidity from the GW1100.

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I use an Ecowitt GW1100 gateway and have various sensors and planning to get even more.  These show up in WD and also on my website via the WD upload and Ecowitt upload.


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Weather Display supports the ObserverIP directly in its weather station configuration settings.
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