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Sources of radar loop images

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Cutty Sark Sailor:
Thanks for the comment, but it's really a very 'simple' thing... a little tricky till ya get things positioned, but on that PC it holds up well... once in awhile I suppose the page file gets heavy, and Radarscope will freeze, or crash, but simple matter to restart.  NetCam is driving 2 of my (currently) three active weathercams on that install, also. The third is on an old, basic machine driving from Netcam also (the 'snowcam').

I wanted to follow up and thank everyone for their links and also share more links I ended up finding at WU.

Here are three different radar images centered on Des Moines, Iowa, USA but they also have these maps for other USA locations.  Unfortunately for friends in Canada and Australia, they appear to only have the wundermap radar.


There are also loops available.  That last one was tricky to find.  You have to click on the "radar site" icons (which can be toggled on/off) at the second link.


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